Handmade lollies are delicious works of art

24 February 2017

Youngsters enjoying our event

Who could resist diving into activities involving melted chocolate and tempting trimmings? Working with chocolate is one our Alan Shearer Activity Centre's most popular events and this year was no exception.

Quite a crowd gathered at our Activity Centre to join in with our special Chocolate Treat Day. Everyone grabbed the chance to make their own delicious lollies and each one was decorated with their own unique design using a variety of coatings and toppings.

Starting off by hand crafting the lollies from vanilla sponge cake, they were then attached to a lolly stick and dipped in melted white or milk chocolate before the finishing touches were added using a choice of coloured icing, colourful sprinkles, chocolate drops or marshmallows.

Heather McLaren, one of the Centre's Recreation Assistants said, "The lollies were incredible works of art. We made them all freehand – no moulds were allowed – and when they were finished, they looked irresistible. I'm not sure many of them lasted until our guests got home!"