Who needs Rio!

22 August 2017

Everyone enjoying the party

Members and guests flocked to enjoy the colourful, carnival atmosphere at our Mardi Gras disco, held at the Alan Shearer Activity Centre.

There was plenty of fun on offer, with lots of masquerading beneath colourful masks, oodles of raffle prizes to be won, plenty of photo booth posing and tons of mingling and laughter, not to mention a good dose of dancing.

The irresistible event was a first for new member, Kirsty Tilney - pictured at the bottom of our photo montage - who surprised her mum by really coming out of her shell, and she even enjoyed a little boogie, too.

But it wasn't just the members and guests who had a ball. DJ, Michael Ridley, posted on his Facebook page: "… the smiles on people's faces when they heard their favourite music made my night."

They sure know how to party at our Activity Centre.