Step into summer at our Activity Centre

21 June 2017

Summer decorations

It may be a little cooler, cloudier and wetter today, but summer is still everywhere you look at our Alan Shearer Activity Centre.

As members and visitors step into reception, they are immediately immersed in the sensations of summer with miniature hot air balloons decorating the windowsills, colourful collages and artwork decorating the walls.

"We've been preparing our summer decorations for a while," said Recreation Assistant, Jan Rootham, "and there has been no shortage of willing helpers. We've even been making our own miniature beaches with the gritty texture of sand, colourful flags and seashells of all shapes and sizes."

There's a bit of a break from the summer theme as other activities take centre stage in the coming weeks, but summer returns next month with kite making then games on the lawn and a bug and bird safari in August.

For more information on all of our activities and to book any of our fun, free events, contact the Centre on 0191 2678118.