Special play delights the senses

8 June 2017

Keir and Josh with the cast of Home

Keir and Josh, two of our regular Alan Shearer Short Break Centre guests, were thrilled to attend a very special performance at Northern Stage in Newcastle.

The stage show, called 'Home', is designed specifically for teenagers and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities and uses lots of sensory features to tell the magical story of a storm destroying homes. The journey of discovery leads the characters to the understanding that home is more than a building.

Actors used glitter, sand, bubbles, water and a variety of aromas to portray their story, giving the audience lots of tactile experiences and there was plenty of music and singing to join in with, too.

"The play was great and Josh and Keir had a fantastic time," said Claire Flynn, Senior Carer at our Short Break Centre. "It really made their day when, at the end of the play, the cast came over to thank us for coming and posed with us for photos."