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Game on with our new video gaming room

There’s even more fun to be enjoyed by members and guests at our Alan Shearer Activity Centre with the opening of our exciting new video gaming room.

Come along and play some of the best video games around on our clever XBox console which has a selection of specialist adaptations to create an accessible platform tailored to all individual needs, providing them with the ultimate gaming experience.

From controllers with larger buttons or those easily activated with the slightest touch and flexible controller positioning, players can choose from a range of options to configure their game controls to suit their abilities and playing needs.

“Video gaming is a brilliant sensory and immersive experience,” said the Centre Manager, Jackie. “All our members and families can enjoy a sense of freedom in virtual gameplay and immerse themselves in an alternative reality to achieve their aspirations, enhance their creativity, decision- making abilities and concentration. Above all, it’s great FUN!”

As well as adaptive gaming with our XBox, our video games room also has a Nintendo Switch and both devices come with a great selection of games. So, whether it’s Fifa, Asphalt Legends or Super Mario you want to try, our new games room is ready and waiting.

The interactive gaming room is free for our members and can be booked from today by getting in touch with our friendly recreation assistants on 0191 267 8118.

If you, or someone you know would like to benefit from our Centre and become a member, it’s free and our recreation assistants will be more than happy to help you complete a membership form.