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Luca loves exploring our Activity Centre

Alan Shearer with Luca in Alan Shearer Centre park
Alan Shearer with Luca in Alan Shearer Centre park
Luca-in-green sensory-room in Alan Shearer Centre

Luca has Down Syndrome and has been coming to our specialist Centre since he was just four months old. In that time, the variety of sensory and interactive equipment available has helped him to develop many skills – and have fun, too.

“Luca loves the Green Room with its colourful bubble tubes and interactive screens,” said Claire. “He watches the fish float around the tube and he’ll often put his face on the tube because he loves the vibrations it makes.

“He’s really developed the confidence to move more because he wants to touch the bubble tubes or change the light patterns by touching the buttons on the interactive screens. And he’s developing his fine motor skills with the help of the different interactive boards dotted around the Centre corridors.”

Luca is such a superstar and has already met Alan Shearer at the opening of the Centre’s new play area and featured in a video to help raise funds to help keep our Centre free of charge.

“The Centre is an amazing place,” said Claire. “I didn’t know what to expect as a new mum of a baby with additional needs, but I felt comfortable from the very first visit to the Centre. You could say it has helped us both.”

If you or someone you know is living with disabilities and you would like to become a member of our Alan Shearer Activity Centre, give our friendly recreation assistants a ring on 0191 267 8118 – it’s all free!