Sporting Colour

November 2011

One of the donated plants

At the Alan Shearer Activity Centre the head gardener has always got his work cut out, not only with a range of sensory gardens to tend to, but also a woodland walk.

So imagine his delight when Gateshead Council agreed to give his team member Sean Hudson six hundred winter bedding plants from its nursery based in Lobley Hill, absolutely free.

The bedding plants, a range of colourful pansies and polyanthus, have been put to good use by the Centre's gardeners, all around the grounds. Now, when visitors arrive, they are welcomed by vibrant hanging baskets and pretty plantings in the borders and along the verges.

In addition to this kind-hearted donation, the Centre has received the generous offer of 800 tree whips from the Woodland Trust, which will be delivered this month. A further 400 tree whips are promised in March 2012. These will go a long way to creating an even more attractive environment for the many birds and insects that inhabit the Woodland Walk.

The Alan Shearer Activity Centre team is always on the look out for free plants and bulbs from organizations that may have a surfeit. Please contact them if you think you can help.

The Alan Shearer Activity Centre is noted for its special sensory rooms, in which tactile, auditory, and visual stimuli create a relaxing, affirming environment for those with physical and learning disabilities. To find out more about the Alan Shearer Activity Centre and its many services please visit our website.