Discovery in action

November 2012

Crossing swords at Live and Learn

Most visitors to the Alan Shearer Activity Centre probably don't realise that they are standing on part of Hadrian's Wall. In fact the Vallum (a ditch and a mound of earth which was part of the wall's defences) lies beneath the Centre's market garden.

It was something of a homecoming therefore for some Roman artefacts that the Centre had on loan for a week from Newcastle's Discovery Museum. The collection included not only replicas of Roman swords, tunics and sandals but also genuine Roman items such as tiles, coins and even bones. Regulars of Live&Learn, our programme of skills sessions and activities for adults with disabilities, had great fun finding out what it was like to be a Roman soldier stationed in Britain two thousand years ago. The boxes of artefacts certainly helped to bring history to life, but staff were on hand to make sure our "gladiators" didn't get too carried away.

Live&Learn sessions are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and are aimed at increasing confidence, encouraging socialising and developing life skills in fun and stimulating ways. If you would like more information, you can contact the Centre on 0191 267 8118 or visit the Live&Learn web page.