Tricks and treats for Live and Learn

23 October 2013

Live and Learn halloween crafts

As darkness shrouded the old mansion some unearthly noises began to emanate from a shadowy chamber when, suddenly, a bloodcurdling scream echoed through the walls…

But, don't be afraid, it was just our Live and Learn members getting into the spirit of Halloween at the Alan Shearer Centre this week and celebrating with some tricks and treats!

The group of adults with learning disabilities were telling terrifying tales in the music room after a day of "wicked" activities including making skeleton collages, faking-it with fiendish face paints and decorating devilishly delicious digestive biscuits.

The ghastly goings-on are a prelude to the Halloween parties taking place next week, on Thursday 31 October, at the Centre which has been bedecked in all things creepy and ghoulish for the scary season.

"All the members taking part in our Halloween-themed Live and Learn session had a great time," said Recreation Assistant, Christine Dixon.

"We made a collage from templates of ghosts and skeletons, decorated biscuit treats and after lunch we painted faces and dressed up to tell spooky stories. We had a lot of members taking part so it's good to have help from volunteers who can lend a hand," Christine added.

For more details about the regular Live and Learn sessions and the parties scheduled for half term, contact the Centre on 0191 267 8118. For information about volunteering contact Nicola Milne at