Tale telling at the Alan Shearer Centre

23 September 2013

Gary Cordingley telling an interactive story

The Alan Shearer Centre is getting all "booked up" as staff train for an interactive storytelling qualification.

Gary Cordingley, who has been featured in the summer events programme at the Centre, has been teaching five members of staff the storytelling technique pioneered by Bag Books, a UK-wide charity which provides tactile and multi-sensory books to people with learning disabilities.

"It's been great; it's something different," said recreational assistant, Libby Malloy, "There are props so it's all about touch and sensory feeling for each line of the story that you say."

The staff will receive their certificates in time for the first event in the autumn activities programme on 5 October – a free children's storytelling session from 11am to noon.

To book a place, or for more information, contact the Centre on 0191 267 8118.