A magic carpet experience takes off at the Alan Shearer Centre

June 2013

Children play with the magic carpet

An interactive experience is opening up new realms of fun at the Alan Shearer Centre.

The new “magic carpet” offers entertainment for all abilities where even the smallest movement by the user causes changes to sound and visual displays. Projected images move in reaction to the user so you can rustle through fallen leaves, create a ripple effect, and even roll a virtual ball!

The Alan Shearer Centre Services Manager Jackie Dunn said: “Our amazing interactive floor is an exciting new addition to our range of activities. It creates a magical environment which can be changed with every touch.”

Thanks to support from the Alan Shearer Foundation, new equipment, offering stimulation for all the senses, is being regularly introduced for our disabled guests to enjoy.

Jackie added: “Our visitors already enjoy the specialist facilities provided at the Centre but it’s great to be able to offer new experiences. Mirage projectors have been installed in bedrooms and the lounge at the Short Break Centre while the sensory cave, hydrotherapy suite and even the grounds and gardens have new equipment coming in. All of the facilities at the Centre are designed to offer beneficial effects for people with complex disabilities.”

It costs £120,000 a year to continue to offer the facilities and specialist leisure activities completely free of charge at the Alan Shearer Centre.

The specific aims of the Foundation are to keep access to the Activity Centre free, offer some free and subsidised short breaks for guests at the Respite Centre and to enable St Cuthberts Care to expand our disability provision across the North East.

For more information about donating, fundraising, sponsoring or supporting the Foundation please visit www.alanshearerfoundation.org.uk.