Teenagers’ teamwork supports the Foundation

July 2013

The volunteers at work at the Alan Shearer Centre

A team of teenagers have united to support the Alan Shearer Foundation by packing groceries, clearing overgrown land and taking part in some painful sponsored waxing sessions!

The group of 13 youngsters chose to help St Cuthberts Care and the Alan Shearer Foundation as part of the National Citizens Service programme, a Government initiative to promote social action projects for young people aged 16 to 17.

The team joined forces with Alan Shearer Foundation volunteers at Morrisons in Byker and collected over £800 in donations from shoppers during a Sunday bag packing session, while the young men in the group had raised funds by taking part in a sponsored leg and armpit wax.

In hot and sultry conditions the team then spent a few days clearing some waist-high weeds from land around the Alan Shearer Centre.

“The group have come on leaps and bounds and have committed so much time and effort to the project,” said Amanda Dobbinson NCS Youth Worker. “They feel good about themselves and all they have achieved. The staff working with this group couldn’t be more proud of them.”

At the end of the week the group, who had not worked together before, presented the Foundation with £246 from their own fundraising efforts.