Banging on about the Alan Shearer Centre!

22 August 2013

Tribal drumming at the ASC

There was a lot of noise around the Alan Shearer Centre this week when visitors were encouraged to have a bash at tribal drumming and dancing.

During a balmy afternoon day visitors and residents staying at the Alan Shearer Short Break Centre joined in the fun when Absolute Energy therapists brought African drums, bells, and tinkling beaded scarves to use to help make some noise.

Members had a go at bongos, bopped along with some belly dancing moves and had a crack at using finger cymbals under the cover of the marquee on the centre's lawn – everyone thoroughly enjoying the ensuing rumpus!

The drumming workshop was part of centre's summer events programme which includes storytelling, nature trails and a teddy bears' picnic for children on Wednesday 28 August. For more details about all of our events contact the Alan Shearer Centre on 0191 267 8118.