Alan Shearer Centre receives donation “scent” by workers

July 2013

Alan thanks Don Urwin of Procter & Gamble for their generous donation

A new sensory room is to be created at the Alan Shearer Centre thanks to a cheque for £28,500 from the Seaton Delaval works of Procter & Gamble.

The manufacturing facility, which produces designer label perfumes, awarded the cheque from its Community Matters Fund after P&G employee, Don Urwin, nominated St Cuthberts Care for a donation.

The contribution from the Fund, which is raised by employees from the site, will be used to transform one of the rooms at the Alan Shearer Centre into an interactive space filled with an array of specialist, tactile equipment for people with disabilities and acute sensory impairments.

“The room will include a waterbed, sky laser projector, bubble tube, aroma panel and a ‘talking cube’!” said Jackie Dunn, the Alan Shearer Centre Services Manager. “This has endless educational applications and is great for picture recognition and developing listening and motor skills. We already have the designs and plans drawn up and work on the room will begin very soon.”

Don was thanked in person by Alan Shearer during a visit to the Centre. “I am so pleased that we have contributed something which is going to make a huge difference,” said Don.

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