Hydro suite works a treat for Kathleen

23 April 2014

Kathleen Harrison The therapeutic effects of the hydrotherapy pool at the Alan Shearer Centre have worked wonders following neurosurgery, says a retired teacher.

Kathleen Harrison, 66, from Wylam, had an operation to remove a tumour from her pituitary gland in November last year which left her partially sighted and with limited movement, when she applied to use the centre's hydro pool to help with her rehabilitation.

"At the beginning I was unable to swim even though I had been a swimmer all my life. The left side of my body was as if I had had a stroke," said Kathleen. "After using the pool regularly for about six weeks I am able to swim a few strokes and my arms and legs work together."

She added: "The warm water has helped my muscles to send new messages to my brain to enable me to do this. Thank you Alan Shearer Activity Centre for the use of this fabulous facility!"