Batten down the hatches! Shearer's Pirate Gang's abroad!

28 May 2014

ASC pirates with treasure

A fearsome crew of salty sea dogs descended on the Alan Shearer Centre this weekend on the trail for treasure!

With a hearty rallying song of "A-hunting we will go" the intrepid explorers decked themselves in their own handcrafted pirate hats and set off around the woodland and grounds following ten clues to the treasure.

Alan Shearer Centre recreation assistant, Christine Dixon, said that Shearer's Pirate Gang had an exciting time finding and sharing out the treasure.

"After biscuits and drinks the tired gang finished off by making a treasure map of where the clues had been and, to make them authentic looking, dabbed used teabags on them to look like ancient maps," she said.

"What a great, fun filled day we all had together," said Toni Townsley, activity centre member Kane's mum, "We enjoyed being pirates and searching for treasure. The hat making was great and the children loved creating an old treasure map with tea bags. Another fab day at the ASAC."

Events continue throughout this week's half term culminating in a children's party on Saturday 31 May. See our leaflet for more details and call the centre on 0191 267 8118 to book a place.