Tartan times at the Alan Shearer Centre

15 January 2014

Weaving tartan

A Scottish celebration is in store next week at the Alan Shearer Centre to commemorate the birth of the country's most famous poet, Robbie Burns.

The festivities planned for Wednesday 22 January include a lunch of haggis, "neeps and tatties" served in Browne's Café, poetry readings and traditional bagpipe music. Scottish shortbread will also be served and there will be a raffle for prizes including a bottle of whisky.

The highlight of the event, which runs from noon until 2pm, will be the performance of a traditional piper who will be dressed in full tartan kilt costume.

Adults taking part in Live & Learn sessions have already been preparing for the celebration during their craft courses by decorating Scottish saltire flags and "weaving" their own "tartan" patterns.

Tickets for the event are £3.50 each and can be booked by calling the Alan Shearer Centre on 0191 267 8118.