Touchy, feely, noisy, squeezy

03 July 2014

Scales and Tails visit

Visitors have had a sense-ational time at the Alan Shearer Activity Centre this week!

The Scales 'n' Tails Animal Encounters brought their menagerie of furry friends, interesting insects and crawling creatures for everyone to see. And when Scales 'n' Tails come to visit we all have the opportunity to touch, hold or pet the animals brought along in this travelling zoo.

"We had a lovely time as always at the Alan Shearer Centre this morning. Always a pleasure to go and visit everyone. Fantastic place and facilities," they said afterwards via Facebook.

Meanwhile, the centre's ballpool and sensory cave has also had a new wild animal "experience" introduced recently. A set of squeezy foam steps have been installed which, when stood or sat on, make an animal noise. As each of the four steps is depressed a different sound is emitted like an elephant trumpeting, a horse neighing or a duck quacking.

Recreation assistant, Libby Molloy, said: "The animal noise steps have eight different settings and are programmed from a computer on the wall. One lady loves the sounds so much she won't go into the ballpool until she has heard all the noises!"

For more details of special events taking place at the centre this summer or to book a free session in our sensory cave and ball pool, with the animal noise steps, call us on 0191 267 8118 or see our summer activities leaflet.