Useful Vision visits the Alan Shearer Centre

27 September 2014

Young disabled boy with parent enjoying the ball pool

The charity Useful Vision, supporting blind and partially sighted children in the North East, hired the Alan Shearer Centre this weekend for exclusive use of the sensory facilities.

Ten visually impaired children and their families attended. They were able to book private hydrotherapy pool sessions, make friends playing in groups in the ball pool and for a quieter more relaxing session some families experienced the sensory caves and the sensory rooms. For those who wanted to make a bit more noise and use the tactile instruments, the music room was a great space for them!

"Useful Vision uses the Centre regularly and staff and volunteers are always impressed with the helpfulness of the Centre staff, the cleanliness of the facilities and the high standard of the sensory equipment,” said Rebecca Wilson, Director of Useful Vision.

"Several families, who had not visited before became members enabling them to book for free use of the facilities in the future. Useful Vision was pleased to have been able to introduce them to the Centre and help them access more facilities suitable for their children," she said.

"Thank you to all the staff at the centre who made the afternoon very enjoyable and relaxing for the Useful Vision families."