Mirror, mirror on the wall

07 May 2014

magic mirror

A new piece of equipment provides a reflection of different worlds for guests at our Alan Shearer Short Break service.

Using our "magic mirror" guests can see themselves under the sea as fish swim by, down on the farm with accompanying animal noises, or in a reflection of the room with simulated balloons to pop.

The myriad of exciting outlooks are opened up by the huge screen facility which has been installed in the communal lounge area of the centre.

Deputy manager of the Alan Shearer Centre Short Break Centre, Cerys Walker explains how the magic mirror is suitable for all abilities: "It projects a mirror image onto the wall on top of whichever background is chosen. The image is then interactive in that the individual using it can move their body to create sounds or move/change images by their mirrored image coming into contact with objects also projected onto the screen."

Cerys adds: "We can move the interactive points to adapt the equipment to different individuals, for example, for someone sitting on the floor or in their wheelchair, or somebody who only has controlled movement of one arm or their head etc."

The specialist equipment, which cost over £8,000 to install, was funded by donations to the Alan Shearer Foundation. For more information about the Foundation visit our website.

To find out more about booking short breaks at the Alan Shearer Centre contact our manager, Jackie Dunn, on 0191 2678128.