Duo reach for the skies in daring fundraiser

08 July 2014

The Breitling Wing Walkers in action

Two high flyers from Samson Aviation are taking to the skies to raise money for our Alan Shearer Foundation.

As part of the launch event for Sunderland Airshow on July 25, Paula Ives and Gill Galeary have accepted each other’s challenge to join the Breitling Wing Walkers during their dazzling aerobatic display. For about 20 minutes, the girls will be strapped to the wings of two biplanes while they loop-the-loop, fly upside down and perform close formation fly pasts at speeds of up to 150mph!

“We’re doing this for the Alan Shearer Foundation which is our company’s chosen charity and a fantastic local organisation that gives so much back to disabled kids.

“As the clock counts down to the 25th, we’re becoming increasingly terrified, so lots of sponsorship will help to keep us motivated.”

Right now, they are busily gathering donations from anyone and everyone who thinks their daring exploits will be ‘worth a few quid.’

You can donate to Gill and Paula’s ‘wing walk’ at virginmoneygiving.com