Praise for our leader who never sought the limelight

08 May 2014

Austin Donohoe and Fr Michael Campion

Following our Chief Executive's retirement last week St Cuthberts Care's Board Chairman reminds us of what the charity will miss.

During Fr Michael Campion's Homily for Austin Donohoe's retirement celebration he said his leadership had been one of clear vision, strong principle, great courage and tenacity combined with remarkable business acumen. At the Retirement Mass, held at Holy Cross Home Sunderland, Fr Campion added that Austin was tough enough to make decisions never because they were popular but purely because they were for the good of the charity.

Although Austin has radically changed the charity over his 20 year tenure into one of the largest and most successful care agencies in the region he remains a very humble and modest man.

"I have never known him to seek publicity, court popularity or blow his own trumpet – and there have been many times when he could (and should) have done so," said Fr Campion.

"He has never claimed credit for his achievements but now, for once, he needs to accept the praise that we all know is his due."

You can read Fr Campion's full Homily by visiting the website of the Church of the Holy Name, Jesmond.