Mount Colin-manjaro

2 October 2015

Colin and Jessica who is a member at the Alan Shearer Centre

The Alan Shearer Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to Newcastle businessman, Colin Wilson who has just returned from an amazing fundraising trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Thanks to his Herculean efforts, Colin - or Colin-manjaro as he is now nicknamed by his friends - raised an amazing £10,000 for charity, half of which will go to the Foundation to benefit disabled people at the Alan Shearer Centre.

Colin's journey took a gruelling seven days, with jungle, alpine desert and heathland to battle before he even reached the mountain.

But Colin didn't stop there…

Adding to his challenge, Colin scaled Kilimanjaro via the treacherous Lemosho route, one of the newest and longest paths up the mountain.

Agonizingly, Colin was just a few hours from reaching the peak of Africa's most infamous mountain when a nasty accident and the crippling effects of oxygen deprivation cut short his attempts.

"I didn't quite have this sort of risk in mind, but it still feels minor compared to the challenges faced by disabled people and their families every day.

"I'm really gutted to have got all that way and not to have made it to the top. Despite everything that happened, it was a brilliant challenge and I really want to start planning what I can do next. There's a trek in Borneo that looks very exciting and there's always the North Pole … at least it's flat-ish!"