A leaner look for our Alan

20 June 2016

Before and after pictures of dieter Alan

A love of cooking at our Activity Centre Live and Learn skills sessions for adults with learning disabilities hasn't stopped one of our regulars taking his fitness very seriously indeed.

Six-feet-tall Alan regularly attends the Activity Centre to brush up his cooking skills, but decided in January that it was time to become a little leaner. Helped by staff at the Centre, Alan soon agreed that healthy eating and exercise was the best way forward.

Swapping sugar for sweeteners, choosing healthy jacket potato or salad for lunch then walking home from the Centre has helped the weight melt away and Alan has now lost over three stones in weight.

"We encourage and support Alan, but he's really dedicated and his health has definitely improved," said Jan Rootham, one of the Centre's Recreation Assistants. "We're all really proud of his achievement."