One activity everyone loves!

29 February 2016

Enjoying the chocolate fountain

It may be called the Alan Shearer Activity Centre, but that doesn't mean you have to be too active every time you visit.

When the chocolate fountain appeared this weekend, the most energetic thing our guests had to do was dip and enjoy. Marshmallows, biscuits and cake were laid out ready to be coated in the lovely, runny milk chocolate – plus some fruit of course, to help you feel a little less guilty.

Most of the chocaholics were young enough to have no worries about the calories, but burned them off anyway making the most of their visit to the Centre.

If you missed this weekend's treat, come along to the cake baking session next Saturday, when you can make something special for Mother's Day on Sunday.

The Alan Shearer Activity Centre has special events planned throughout March – download a leaflet to find out more.