On your marks for fun

29 July 2016

Egg and spoon

Looking for something to do now the holidays are here and summer has (hopefuly) arrived?

The Alan Shearer Activity Centre is offering some not-quite-olympic sporting events next Monday when they hold their garden games competitions. There will be lots of traditional silly outdoor fun such as an egg and spoon race, a bean bag race, frizbees and much more.

Recreation assistant, Heather McLaren, says, “If the forecast for Monday is right, everything is set for a crazy time in our lovely gardens. If not, we do have a ‘plan B', with everything moved indoors. Either way it's going to be great fun.”

The games will be held between 12 noon and 2pm and everyone is welcome, but please give the Centre a ring on 0191 267 8118 to let us know you're coming – we wouldn't want to run out of juice for everyone.