Welcoming in the Year of the Monkey

9 February 2016

Guest, Madiha and Recreation Assistant, Jan, put their colouring skills to the test

There was plenty of monkeying around at our Activity Centre when it came to celebrating Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Monkey was welcomed by guests of all ages who had great fun colouring monkey pictures, making Chinese drums and enjoying the odd fortune cookie, too.

Alan Shearer Centre regular, Madiha, was thrilled with her fortune cookie message which read: 'you are always welcome at any gathering'.

"I couldn't agree more," said Recreation Assistant, Jan Rootham. "Madiha is always a pleasure to have at our events."

The fun continues today with pancake making to mark Shrove Tuesday, then, on Wednesday, it's time to celebrate the humble Bramley apple with a recipe or two.

Our events are all free and it's as easy as apple pie to book yourself a place. Just ring our helpful reception staff on 0191 2678118 and come along to join in the fun!