Rolls Royce sets the standard for short break service

19 February 2016

One of our short break guests

Our Alan Shearer Short Break Centre has been likened to one of the most iconic brands for quality.

The description of the centre as the 'Rolls Royce service' came from the parent of a young service user and the comment was included in the latest inspection report by Ofsted – the regulatory standards organisation for children and young people's services.

The report also states that the Centre has 'excellent resources on site' and notes that 'the inspector observed children and young people arriving happily at the centre and clearly looking forward to their stay.'

The interim inspection determines that the Short Break Centre has improved effectiveness following its full inspection rating of 'good' last summer and no requirements or recommendations were made as a result of the inspection.

Our charity's Director of Care Services, Sheila Errington said, "We have invested heavily in our Alan Shearer Centre and continue to plan and deliver further improvements year-on-year. As with all of our services, we strive to achieve excellence as standard."