Taylor's early bird adventures

27 July 2016

Some of the activites Taylor enjoyed at our Short Break Centre

One of our regular Short Break Centre guests had packed a ton of activities into his day before most people were even out of bed!

Taylor doesn't enjoy being around a lot of people, so when he woke early and the picturesque grounds at the Alan Shearer Centre were still quiet, Short Break Manager, Jackie Dunn took him out to explore.

His mini safari included spotting pigeons and rabbits enjoying an early morning feast and examining the variety of flowers basking in the early sunshine. Taylor chose lavender as his favourite plant in the sensory garden and couldn't resist picking a few colourful blossoms to take back to his room.

Before going back inside, Taylor found time for a ride on the specially adapted roundabout with Jackie.

"Taylor had the run of the grounds this morning and couldn't have been happier," said Jackie. "He was so excited about his adventure that he wanted to carry on having fun when he got back."

Latest reports are that Taylor stopped off at the Activity Centre for a game of giant Connect Four, enjoyed a visit to the music room and sensory cave before settling down in his room to draw some of the flowers he'd picked.

That's quite a day so far, Taylor!