Sweet birthday surprise

4 December 2018

Thomas and his cake

When one of our Alan Shearer Centre members visited our Activity Centre on his 10th birthday recently, there was a very tasty surprise waiting for him.

As Thomas arrived to enjoy all the fun of the specialist sensory rooms and equipment, Heather - one of our recreation assistant and the Centre's Mary Berry - was waiting with one of her incredible, hand decorated cakes.

Thomas and his mum Angie were delighted by the surprise and couldn't stop smiling at the intricate decorations on the cake, made in the shape of a log and featuring fondant sculptures of many of the birds and animals found in the Centre's grounds.

The cake was a special thank you for all the support Angie had given to the Alan Shearer Foundation Ball this year when she appeared before gathered guests to explain how important the Centre was to her and her family.

We hope Thomas enjoyed his birthday celebrations as much as we did.