Fairground entrance is a real thriller

11 September 2018

Renae enjoys the fairground theme

When four-year-old Renae arrived with her mum, Rebecca to become a member of our Alan Shearer Centre, they were both delighted by the fairground-themed reception area.

Renae and Rebecca are just two of our many visitors who have been thrilled with the mid-season funfair-themed entrance to the centre.

Full of colour, textures and exciting things to do, our clever centre staff have created a mini big-top, carefully crafted a ring master and trapeze artist and laid out lots of fun games like hoopla and tin can alley to keep everyone amused.

Our themed reception area, which changes regularly, is becoming a popular attraction for visitors who are able to enjoy a sensory treat as soon as they arrive at the centre.

If you want to take a peek at our display or try your hand at the fairground games, best be quick, our autumnal theme will be arriving soon!