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Celebrate your acts of kindness

15 November 2019

Messages of kindness

Our specialist Alan Shearer Centre is marking World Kindness Day this Saturday, 16 November with an opportunity to get together to share and show off good deeds.

Our free sensory, social and leisure centre for people with disabilities will offer a warm welcome to members and guests who are invited to join in with a special craft activity that focuses on acts of kindness.

Our staff are hoping that many hands will make light work of creating their ‘tree of kindness' mural, with its branches then waiting for everyone's personal messages of kindness to be added.

“Each message can be written or drawn to explain the kind things people have done,” said Centre recreation assistant, Jan, “We'll then hang each message on the tree mural like leaves. We think it's going to look quite spectacular and what a feel-good read it will make!”

If you are already a member of our Activity Centre, simply give us a ring to book your free place on 0191 267 8118. If you aren't yet a member and would like to join our specialist centre for people with disabilities, you can ring the same number and one of our friendly staff will complete a form ready for you to sign on your first visit.

We look forward to seeing you.