A topping idea at the Alan Shearer Centre

21 January 2019

Activity Centre volunteer Alan working on the bottle top picture

Spring may still be some way off, but members of our Alan Shearer Activity Centre have started work on a new mural to bring a bit of colour to the reception area.

This time they are trying something new – creating a huge, colourful tree using a ‘mosaic' of plastic bottle tops.

Recreation Assistant, Jan Rootham, who has drawn the picture members will be “colouring in” says:
“We have been saving recycled bottle tops of all colours for the display in reception – and the kind staff from Marks and Spencer's café in Newcastle have also been collecting for us, which gave us a boost of a few hundred!
Now we have so many, we will also be using them for individual pictures we're making over the next few weeks in our Live and Learn sessions.”

Look out for the finished mural appearing soon. You certainly won't be able to miss it!