Spreading a little sunshine at the Alan Shearer Centre

13 February 2019

Real flowers and paper flowers at the Alan Shearer Centre

With a warm(ish) spell and even some sunshine forecast to last into next week, the gardens at our Alan Shearer Centre are getting set to welcome in spring.

The snowdrops and daffodils in the Woodland Walk and the primulas in the planters have inspired the centre's staff to add a splash of colour to reception with their own spring-themed display.

As always, Recreation Assistant, Heather's talents were called upon as she made some big, bright paper flowers for the café and reception area - with a little help from members and their carers.

The paper flowers will soon be joined by real ones, as spring bulbs, in plant pots on the windowsills, are ready to burst into flower.

For visitors enjoying the garden and grounds, some handy books have been provided to help them identify plants and local wildlife.

So why not drop in for a coffee and have a look round. Even if it turns a little chilly again, there's always a warm welcome waiting!