Wildlife in the spotlight

30 January 2019

Service users focus on nature

With temperatures plummeting and frost remaining on the ground for best part of the day, some of our services have been giving a lot of thought to birds and animals.

Regulars at our Parkhead Resource Centre in Ashington are a dab hand at looking after the feathered friends that visit the centre garden, so when they decided to take part in this year's Big Garden Bird Watch, they made sure to leave plenty of treats in the trees.

Seed and suet cakes and peanut garlands attracted a wide variety of birds including Blue Tits, Robins, Blackbirds and Chaffinches.

"We've definitely seen more birds this year than in the past," said Centre Manager, Claire. "It was so exciting to see such a variety, especially the Wagtails which are a big favourite with us all."

Meanwhile, staff, members and visitors to our Alan Shearer Activity Centre have put together a display of some of the cutest hibernating animals as well as some of the birds and animals that can be found in the woodland and gardens at the Centre.

Make sure to check out the impressive display in reception next time you visit.