Virtual chat brings real smiles

16 April 2020

Beth virtual chat with her mum

Our staff are making the most of modern technology to make sure our service users don't miss out on family time during the current lockdown.

For Beth, who lives in our Alan Shearer Specialist Residential Home, daily visits from her mum and regular visits from other members of her family were a huge miss.

But, with the help of Beth's smartphone and the support of our staff, virtual visits are now taking place regularly with video chats.

“Beth has acquired brain injuries and is unable to understand the complexities of the government guidelines,” said manager, Gareth. “Knowing how much Beth was missing her mum and how much her mum was missing her, we wanted to reunite them in any way we could. It was a joy to see Beth so happy again when the first video call took place with her mum.”

And we're spreading the joy here with this beautiful photo of Beth's smiles.