For extra happiness, just add one dog

2 April 2020

Our residents with Daisy

As the world marks World Autism Awareness Day, staff at our specialist residential home are pulling out all the stops to support residents with the condition in these difficult times.

Keeping to the rules of social distancing has been hard to understand for residents Rachel and Jordan, but staff have been determined to keep them happy AND safe.

As well as exercising in the home's private, expansive grounds and gardens, adding a staff member's dog to the mix has certainly been a hit with Rachel and Jordan.

“Rachel and Jordan live incredibly active and structured lives,” said home manager, Gareth. “The major disruption to their routines caused by the behaviour changes needed to guard against the spread of coronavirus are difficult for them to understand.”

So, when a member of staff thought bringing in her dog might help, it couldn't have been a bigger success.

“Rachel and Jordan love it,” added Gareth. “It encourages them to get out into the fresh air and gives them that all-important interaction that they are missing.”

It looks like Daisy the dog will be a regular member of the team from now on.