Staying safe but staying busy

3 July 2020

Rachel keeping busy

Residents at our Alan Shearer Specialist Residential Home have been spending time exploring lots of new and favourite activities to keep them occupied during lockdown.

For resident, Rachel, that has meant exploring everything from braiding and painting to paper mosaic and gardening.

With her new-found skills, Rachel made a beautiful braided bracelet for herself, an intricate mosaic of a tiger's head to hang on the wall and a stunning, hand-crafted postcard to send to her mum.

“We took advantage of the good weather to get out into the garden, too,” said Recreation Assistant, Heather, who is supporting Rachel. “We planted some seeds that were kindly donated to us and Rachel has been out to water them every day. All of that TLC is really paying off and we have some more lovely, healthy plants to brighten up the grounds.”

Single-handedly, Rachel has made quite an impact on her surroundings!